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Llevando ideas a la realida

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About Us

OCSI can help you with your smallest to largest projects or issues. They can be as little as drawing a sketch of your design on the back of a napkin to full design of your complete system. We can provide complete turn key business system to the smallest computer. So call us and we can discuss your needs and see what we can provide you. We enjoy helping others that is what we do best - "Service". Call or email us with your questions and ask for our free consulation. We look to team with our clients as their partners to find the best solutions. We work to find and define the best options that match the cost restraits of the client. Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

OCSI can provide you with services from computer virus removal to complex network design for your business solutions. OCSI also can provide a complete industrial or commercial design and project management. There is no project too small or large for us to handle. We can audit your networks and business system for security and efficiency proposes. Problem solving is our fondest activity. If you don't know why we find out. If we find the problem then we can provide a solution. We pride ourselves on our solutions that will bring our customers less down time and lost productivity.